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A new Form of Reef, serie III

papier mâché,  installation ~ 7 x 2,5 x 2 m, 2018.

photo credits © Dana R. Morrison


My work on generative coral reefs led me to pursue a project with the swissnex Pier 17 Science Studio in San Francisco.

An ensemble of shapes imbued with warm, terracotta tones, the sculptures from the Beneath the Sea series adopt an organic language inspired by underwater ecosystems. The work is envisioned as a reef, laying on the seabed like new marine architecture, inviting corals to grow upon them.

This exhibition is a product of a three-month residency with swissnex San Francisco’s science communication initiative, Pier 17 Science Studio. The program supports emerging artists, scientists, and communicators in developing new ideas, practices, and models aimed at building open dialogues around science, society, and the wider issues facing us today.

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