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The Colors Catcher

sediments, shells and seaweeds on canvas, plexiglass, metal, 109 x 198 cm, 2016.

photos credits © Max Kroeneck


For this project, it is “the classification of the colors of the Lakes” from the scientist F.A. - Forel (1892) who inspired and guided me, even if his experimental research has unfortunately led to no concrete results. It is in this space combining failure, doubt, and poetry that I had the idea of creating an innovative mechanism to harvest the colors of water.

For a year, I immersed more than a dozen fabrics in various Swiss lakes. Using a system of weights and buoys, these canvases, the Colors Catchers, stayed under water for several months, at varying depths and in different environments. Once retrieved, the canvases were encrusted with the said colors, namely: algae, sediments, shells and other particles. Each Colors Catcher contains its own characteristics and is therefore unique.

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