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Benthic Zone

Graphite on underwater paper,  video, scuba-diving gear, variable dimension, 2019-in progess.

photos credits © Sebastien Verdon / CAN



Benthic Zone retraces the uncanny underwater world of the living in the fresh water of Swiss lakes.

From the Latin word Benthos, which defines the biogeographic zone of a lake, sea or ocean from the surface until the bottom, passing by the littoral and supralittoral regions of the shore.


Part I
Between April and June 2019, I started a drawing investigation with scuba-diving, to conduct some experiments and inspiration for future sculptures. Commissioned by the Centre d'art Neuchâtel (CAN) for the show Indice Ultraviolet, I regularly explored the Lac de Neuchâtel and created a collection of underwater sketches, manifesting the premise of the lacustrian summer vegetation and fauna. 

Thought as an on-going process show, the CAN asked each artist to deliver a film that retraced one's production's method. I then propose to document how I draw in the lake with my dry-suit equipment and its bulky gloves. During the exhibition, I punctually activated my work by hanging part of my gear and my sketchbook to dry in the art space. In addition to the display of video and installation, the CAN invited me to share my vision of working on water ecology topics and operating under water. At the end of the exhibition, a publication was made out of collected material from all partakers. 


Indice Ultraviolet
Publication by the CAN, Centre d'art Neuchâtel
Design by Julien Fischer
sneak peek: here




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