3D printed clay, 2020.

Exhibition view of Hope Springs Eternal, photo credits © M. Eherengruber / Marie Griesmar


Modules - from the body of work Beneath the Sea - is the latest research of Marie Griesmar, who explores the fragile balance of coral reefs, and their morphological formations. At the intersection of art, science and architecture, her current reef prototype consists of easy-to-handle stackable bricks, 3D-printed from clay. Developed during her Fellowship at the Library Lab of the ETH Zurich, and at the Gramazio & Kohler Research Group, these structures provide ample sheltered spaces for settlement and growth of baby corals, and habitats for countless other reef animals. The bricks can be assembled in an infinite number of compositions, creating large reefs with customizable shapes.


Architect in Digital FabricationJonas Ward Van den Bulcke

Ocean scientist: PhD Ulrike Pfreundt

Clay manufacturers: Bodmer Ton AG